Make Sure to Finish the Job After a Tree Removal

Set up stump grinding services in Lubbock, TX

Even after a tree is removed, the stump is likely to be left behind. If you need to get rid of a stump to plant grass or pour concrete, talk to Caprock Tree Removal to coordinate stump grinding services. We make stump removal jobs in Lubbock, TX hassle-free and always put safety first.

For $20 per diameter, we can:

Grind up a stump into mulch
Take the remains with us after we're done
Spread mulch on a specified location

Schedule a stump removal ASAP. They pose a serious tripping hazard and are unattractive, so you should get them removed as quickly as possible.

Your safety always comes first

We take your safety seriously. Some of the biggest concerns during a stump removal job are irrigation, electrical and plumbing system placements. Running into any of those lines with stump grinding tools would be disastrous. That's why we'll call out a dig test company in Lubbock, TX to make sure that we can complete stump grinding services safely.

Want to learn more about how we'll protect you and your property? Connect with us by calling 806-317-2913 today.