Get Rid Of the Eyesore on Your Property

Schedule a tree removal in Lubbock, TX

A tree growing directly in front of your home or preventing landscaping improvement can be a nuisance. If you need tree removal services in Lubbock, TX, reach out to Caprock Tree Removal. We can remove trees that pose a threat or dead trees that are frail and ready to fall at any moment.

Don't be a victim of property damage from a broken tree limb. Schedule a dead tree removal today to prevent that outcome. We'll help make your property safer.

We complete each job safely with professional tools

Don't hire someone who doesn't own the proper tools. You can depend on us to complete tree removal services in Lubbock, TX properly with industry standard equipment like:

  • Bucket trucks
  • Professional trimmers
  • Dump trailers

Whether we're performing a live or dead tree removal, we always handle each step with extreme caution. Learn more about how we practice safety on the job by connecting with us today.